Individuals With Disabilities Lottery Grant

The Lottery Individuals with Disabilities Committee distributes funds to people with disabilities for the purchase of vehicles, scooters and other disability equipment to help them achieve independence and participate in the community.

For funding purposes, an individual with a disability is defined as:

"a person who has a permanently reduced capacity to be transported, to be personally mobile or to communicate, as a result of a physical, sensory, psychiatric or intellectual disability."

Priority is given on the basis of:

  • the severity of the disability
  • the contribution the vehicle or equipment would make to the quality of life of the person with a disability (the applicant)
  • the financial circumstances of the applicant and their family
  • the availability of alternative transport or assistance
  • the family situation of the applicant
  • the applicant's locality
  • any lottery assistance received in the past

What is funded?

About 40-45% of applicants receive funding. The usual grant available for a mobility scooter is $4,000 (+GST). The maximum grant for a car is $10,000(+GST). If the need for a van can be justified, the maximum grant available is $12,000(+GST). An additional grant of up to $10,000(+GST) can be approved for a wheelchair hoist or vehicle modifications if required. There is no maximum amount for other mobility/disability equipment with applications generally being considered on their particular merits.

Applications may be made at any time. (There are no set meeting dates or closing dates for applications.) Decisions are made six to 16 weeks after applications have been lodged.


To apply for a Individuals With Disabilities Lottery Grant download the application form, information sheet and application guide. Submit the application along with a letter of support from the MS Society, your fieldworker, therapist,  doctor or person of standing within the community.

Lottery Individuals with Disabilities Information Sheet 
Lottery Individuals with Disabilities Grant Application Form 

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