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2020 Mastering Mountains grant recipient

February 1, 2021 | Funding, Grants, Life with MS, Scholarships

MSNZ and Mastering Mountains are delighted to announce the latest recipient of the Mastering Mountains grant as Katy Glenie.

Katy was diagnosed in October 2019, but has had MS symptoms and two other attacks over the last 15 years. She lives in Taupō with her husband and four year old daughter. Katy hasn’t let MS hold her back, running her own communications consultancy and sharing stories of businesses who are making a positive impact in the community and the environment.  During the weekends she and her family are generally out finding adventures in Tongariro National Park, or the wider Taupō district.

Her goal is to climb a route on the Minarets, a 3040 m peak in the Southern Alps. Over the past 10 years she has gained experience as an alpine climber. Katy says:

“Alpine climbing comes with many challenges – endurance, mental strength, technical capability, all of which count for nothing if the weather is bad or the route is out of condition. Similar to MS, there are things within your control, and things totally out of your control. This route will test me physically and mentally, but (hopefully!) should not require the long 12 – 14 hour days of some of the other peaks in the area. I’m really excited about getting back into alpine climbing and to begin to see what my MS body is capable of. Time in the mountains is so special – the stillness and beauty of our wild places is a taonga. I can’t wait to be back out there, finding memories I can hold close to my heart for the rest of my life”.

Katy likes to focus on keeping her body and mind strong through a daily program of exercise, diet and meditation. When asked about things she hopes to change with the help of the grant, she said:

“There are two things I hope to achieve with the support of the Mastering Mountains grant. The first is to push myself to achieve something I’m not sure is possible, now that I have MS. The second is to show others that having MS doesn’t mean the end of adventure. The training might look a little different, the journey might be slow and steady, the goal might change slightly, but the adventure is still out there waiting for you”.

Katy, we wish you all the best and look forward to hearing about your progress and completing your goals.