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Life with MS

While MS is one of New Zealand's most common neurological conditions with around 4000 people diagnosed it is still relatively unknown. Many people may have heard the name but little more. MSNZ and MS Auckland have brought together a group of people diagnosed with MS to share what life with the condition means for them and how support helps. MS is life-long and can be life-changing but people with MS can lead fulfilling lives. Your support helps!


Mastering Mountains Grant

MSNZ and the Mastering Mountains Charitable Trust have come together to offer people diagnosed with MS the Mastering Mountains Grant. The purpose of the grant is 'to assist people who have been diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis to overcome a specific obstacle so that they can achieve a specific outdoor pursuit'.

Applications are open until 31st October each year. For more information about the Grant and how to apply click here


Dorothy L Newman Scholarship

The Dorothy L Newman Scholarship assists people who have been diagnosed as having MS and as a result are unable to continue in their present employment, who need to change their employment and undergo a course of retraining in order to do so.

Applications are open solely to people with MS needing to retrain for paid employment.

Applications are open until 31st October each year. For more information about the Scholarship and how to apply click here



MS Regional Societies and Field Worker Service

If you would like further information and support you can contact your Regional Society directly. All our Regional Socieites employ skilled and experienced Field Workers who are available to you and your family and carers to provide on-going support, information and advice.

Contact your nearest regional MS Society





Multiple Sclerosis New Zealand

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand (Inc) is a non-profit organisation formed to provide on-going support, education and advocacy for people with MS and their support networks.  It also aims to educate the general public, employers and health professionals about MS and actively funds key research into the condition.  The Society was formed in 1967 and today there are 18 Regional Societies from Northland to Southland supported through advice, education and materials by the National Office.