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Dorothy Newman Scholarship keeping people in employment

October 9, 2017 | Education, Grants, Life with MS, Scholarships, Support

Many people with MS experience difficulties managing work with their MS particularly at times of relapse or as their condition progresses. While for many simple changes in the work place might be all that is needed to assist someone to continue with their careers, for others, the demands of the job coupled with their MS symptoms make remaining in their current employment difficult or impossible.

At MSNZ we want to help people with MS stay in paid employment for as long as possible, improving quality of life, well being and helping provide for yourself and your family. The Dorothy L Newman Scholarship applications are currently open and can help financially support people with MS to undergo a course of retraining when MS has impacted to the point that a change of career must take place to help people stay in paid employment. Applications open annually on 1st September and close on the 31st October. Guidelines and application forms can be found on our Scholarships, Grants and Awards page.

Past participant Anthony shares his story about what led him to apply for the Dorothy L Newman Scholarship and how it has been of benefit to him and his life.

In 2014 I was awarded a Scholarship to complete the New Zealand Institute of Management Certificate with the aim of improving my chances of getting a job and eventually give me the tools to start up my own business. While I had experience as a manager in the entertainment business I had no formal qualification and coupled with the difficulties I experience with my walking and balance, as a result of my MS, I saw that the course could open up more employment opportunities for me as an office-based employee.

My studies have been going extremely well, receiving A’s and A+’s in all my modules. As an online study I was able to work from home and not have to travel into town.

Being proactive and getting back to studying and working to achieve a goal has had an INCREDIBLE effect on me and my job prospects! I have recently been given a position with The Royal New Zealand Ballet based in Wellington. Because of doing this study course, I now have marketing and HR knowledge and I was able to discuss these topics with confidence at my interview and landed the role! I couldn’t be happier.

I have only encountered one problem and that is that the study took longer than I originally anticipated but this was due to other obligations rather than my MS. I am inspired to study further after I get the more qualifications to progress in my career.

I recommend anyone with MS looking to change their career to better suit their lifestyle to apply for the Scholarship which has been life-changing for me. I hope I am proof that people with MS are valued members of society, that we can contribute and have the same goals as everyone else.

If you want to be a success story like Tony and need a little bit of help making a positive difference in your life, apply for a Dorothy L Newman Scholarship today. Guidelines and application forms can be found on our Scholarships, Grants and Awards page.