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Patients Missing Out Due to Drug Access Rules

August 29, 2018 | Uncategorised

‘They’ve Hung Me Out To Dry’
‘Hundreds of people with Multiple Sclerosis in New Zealand are being denied drugs that have been shown to help combat the disease’ TVNZ News Now.



Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis drugs ‘budget not evidence based’
Pharmac is weighing up calls from Multiple Sclerosis NZ to relax an “outdated and unfair” funding criteria resulting in hundreds of MS sufferers missing out on the benefits of the life-enhancing drugs’ NZ Herald.



Pharmac Funding Of MS Drugs “Restrictive & Cruel”
‘An Australian neurologist says the way Pharmac’s criteria for continuing access to drugs for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are too old, and not based on evidence’. Radio NZ Nine to Noon, to read the article click here or listen to the coverage below.