Actively Advocating

Multiple Sclerosis New Zealand’s mission is to work with member organisations to meet the needs of people with Multiple Sclerosis, their families and carers through national leadership, advocacy, communication, and national and international collaboration.

MSNZ strives to achieve advocacy successes through 3 pathways:

  • Systemic advocacy: National advocacy to improve the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis in New Zealand
  • Collaborative advocacy: Working with other organisations and health professionals on common issues
  • Awareness raising: Working to raise awareness nationally for MS as a chronic condition affecting New Zealanders and highlighting the needs of those living with the condition

If you require advocacy support for your unique situation you can contact your Regional Community Support Staff who can provide individual support. Find and contact your Regional MS Society here.


We would love to hear from you via our online contact form if you would like to:

  • know more about MSNZs advocacy work
  • share your story about how any of these issues impact you
  • tell us how MSNZs advocacy has had a positive impact on your life
  • highlight an issue MSNZ should be aware of
  • contribute in any way to our advocacy work



2023 Areas of Advocacy

Multiple Sclerosis NZ:

  • supports Kiwis affected by Multiple Sclerosis by providing national leadership in advocacy, awareness, information and education;
  • helps builds capacity for our 18 regional member organisations by providing nationally consistent, relevant, and evidence-based resources; and
  • work to break down barriers which prevent people living with and supporting those with MS to live independently and well.

MSNZs advocacy is driven by the expressed needs and concerns of those living with MS. While we would like to advocate for all issues affecting people with MS in NZ, the small advocacy team annually chose the key issues where we feel we can make positive and meaningful impact and have the best possible chance of success within our resources.

Our Advocacy Programme is currently focused on:                                                         

  • Promoting nationally consistent information that promotes internationally recommended strategies for optimising brain long-term health.
  • Addressing the critical shortages in the clinical workforce which impact access to diagnosis, treatment as well as on-going care and condition management for people with multiple sclerosis.
  • Highlighting the economic impact of MS on the health system and the wider NZ economy.
  • Advocating for practical solutions to alleviate the financial burden of MS to those diagnosed and their whā
  • Working with allied organisations to improve funding and support for NZ Carers, highlighting the impacts on MS family carers and whā
  • Advocating for Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (AHSCT) to be an available and funded treatment option in NZ for those who evidence shows will benefit.
  • Advocating for the funding of evidence-based treatments with a priority focus on those with a high unmet need and limited access.
  • Working with relevant agencies to ensure the needs of the MS community are heard and met


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