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Virtual Fundraising

COVID-19 has impacted everyone all over the world, making us reevaluate how we work, live, play, socialise and live our lives to the best of our ability within the constraints that we have.

Here at MSNZ, we have been working hard to ensure that those affected by Multiple Sclerosis in New Zealand continue to receive the support, guidance and information that they need, to live well with MS in these hard, isolated times.

Like many, we have lost income due to the cancellation of events and have felt the disappointment from our supporters about not being able to participate. So, we have pulled together some fun fundraising ideas where you can be involved safely, with your family and friends, showing your support of the MS community by raising much needed funds.

You, our supporters are highly inspirational and determined, we know that the lockdown won’t stop you from challenging yourself to do something different or to just have fun!

Woman walking up stairs
Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

Fancy a challenge?

How high can you climb?

Who knew that the stairs in your home, or outside in the garden could open a whole new world! Fancy climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Eiffel Tower, well you can, virtually of course.

All you need to do is decide which great building or majestic mountain you wish to conquer. Head to MSNZ Givealittle and set up your sponsorship page. Share your giving page on Facebook, Twitter and via email to ensure all your friends and family know about the challenge that you have set yourself, asking them to support you to raise funds.

You could even challenge a member of your family to see who can make it up the mountain first!!

You could climb up the stairs of these worldwide landmarks:

Auckland – Sky Tower 1,103 steps Paris – Eiffel Tower: 1,665 steps
China – Shanghai Tower: 3,398 steps Sydney – Harbour Bridge: 1,002 steps
Dubai – Burj Khalifa: 2,909 steps Taiwan – Taipei 101: 3,139 steps
Italy – Leaning Tower of Pisa: 284 steps USA – Empire State Building: 1,576 steps
London – The Gherkin: 1,037 steps USA – Space Needle: 832 steps


Or climb these majestic mountains:

France – Mount Blanc: 30,450 steps Tanzania – Mount Kilimanjaro: 38,680 steps
Nepal – Mount Everest: 58,070 steps UK – Ben Nevis: 8,810 steps



Why not challenge yourself to walk a certain number of kilometres a day, to reach certain locations on your own virtual map. Many apps and devices can log steps/distances for you, but if you don’t have access to these, to help a kilometre is about 1,312 steps (or use an online converter to help).


Fun fundraising

How often have you said, ‘I would love to if only I had time’. Let’s make the most of this opportunity, to learn and have fun whilst creating new friendships within our communities.

If you don’t feel like a challenge you could do a fundraiser just for fun, asking friends and family to sponsor you, for example:
• Learn to play a musical instrument.
• Get creative by trying drawing or painting
• Expand your knowledge by signing up to online courses
• Choose your next international destination and learn their language
• Participate in yoga classes or learn tai chi
• Learn to dance and join in with online classes.


Isolated not in isolation

Instead of setting up your own fundraising page, involve friends and family in fundraising events, where they can donate online to participate in things like:
• Online Quiz Nights or Karaoke events
• Virtual dinner parties, set the menu and dress code, invite your virtual guests and sit down virtually (Skype/Zoom) and enjoy the meal and conversation
• Marathon gaming sessions
Netflix Party where you can link up with friends and host long distance movie nights with group chatting
• Group Monopoly (if you’re feeling brave!)

The opportunities are endless, if you need more ideas and inspiration, have a look online and we are sure you will suddenly find your time is fully absorbed with having fun.


Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash