About MSNZ

Multiple Sclerosis New Zealand (MSNZ) is a non-profit organisation, established in 1967. We are striving towards our vision of being the national leader for service excellence for people impacted by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). To achieve this, we are on a mission to coordinate and lead the advances in best practice multiple sclerosis care. We do this by providing national leadership, advocacy, information, education and raising awareness.

We work with 18 member organisations nationally, to meet the needs of people impacted by multiple sclerosis, those diagnosed, their families, whānau and carers across Aotearoa. MSNZ provides support, information, operational and educational resources, and training opportunities to our member organisations to provide community-led services for people living with MS locally.

We promote internationally recognised MS Brain Health principles and recommendations for living well with MS. We encourage resiliency, self-management, preventative services. By providing evidence-based information and advocacy we encourage people to take control of their diagnosis and condition. Positive attitudes and life-style modifications, which we encourage, can have a profound effect on symptom management and maximising opportunities for long-term health and brain health outcomes.



Our National Office is based in the garden city of Christchurch and is supported by:

  • Amanda Rose – National Manager
  • Emily Smith – Fundraising Lead
  • Louise Mckinlay – Communications Lead
  • Vereana Wheatley – Finance and Administration Lead


Organisational Structure

Each Regional Society appoints one office holder to represent them on the National Council. Regional Societies are allocated into 4 Clusters who each nominate annually a representative to sit on the MSNZ National Executive Committee to advocate for their Clusters interests. 3 Independent members are also voted on by the National Council for two year terms.

The National Executive Committee votes for the President and Vice President from within the Committee. The Executive Committee can also co-opt up to two members.

The National Executive Committee is the governing body that oversees, directs and resources the operations and activities of MSNZ. All members of the National Committee are required to act in the best interests of MSNZ and the Regional Societies as a whole.

The current members of the MS Society of New Zealand’s Committee are:

  • Neil Woodhams – Independent – President
  • Jeff Silvester – Independent
  • Ingrid Robertson – Independent
  • Jan Hollway – MS Auckland – Upper North Island Cluster Representative
  • Graham Walker – MS Taranaki – Lower North Island Cluster Representative
  • Jenny Woods – MS West Coast – Upper South Island Cluster Representative
  • Jan Campbell – MS Otago – Lower South Island and Cluster Representative


Strategic Plan

MSNZ Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026


Annual Reports

MSNZ 2020 Annual Report

MSNZ 2021 Annual Report

MSNZ 2022 Annual-Report

MSNZ 2023 Annual Report


Audited Annual Accounts

MSNZ Performance Report and Audited Accounts FY end 30 June 2020

MSNZ Performance Report and Audited Accounts FY end 30 June 2021

MSNZ Performance Report and Audited Accounts FY end 30 June 2022

MSNZ Performance Report and Audited Accounts FY end 30 June 2023



Our vision and mission

National voice for people impacted by Multiple Sclerosis

MS Treatments
Disease Modifying Treatments

DMT's available for the treatment of MS in New Zealand.