Regional Societies offer a wide variety of support and services for people with MS, their families, carers and employers. 

Each society employs trained Community Support Staff that offer support and guidance on a wide range of matters including:

    • Advice and information on Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and management
    • Access to information resources developed and provided by MSNZ
    • A range of support, social and exercise groups in your region
    • Advice on local services and supports
    • Guidance on work and income issues
    • Support with applications to the Lottery Individuals with Disabilities fund
    • Individual advocacy to ensure people with MS receive the best services in their community

Contact your local Society below to find out more about the services available in your community.
Review our section on other supports available to assist you with living with MS.

If you are unsure which is your local Society, please get in touch with MS NZ here.



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