Without fundraisers like you MSNZ cannot continue to advocate to improve the lives of those affected by multiple sclerosis. Can you help us?

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Fundraise Online

There are websites set up so that you can raise sponsorship money for your fundraising event online, making fundraising easier then ever before. No more dealing with cash and cheques, no more chasing up friends after your event is over.

You can set up an online sponsorship page for your fundraising event through our own Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraising platform, Givealittle or Everyday Hero and email it to your friends and family all over the world. They can sponsor you easily, quickly and securely online with a credit or debit card, 24 hours a day.

If you decide to support The MS Society with a fundraising event, we would love to hear from you. We like to help out where possible, so please let us know the details of the particular event you are planning and any resources you may require.

0800 MS LINE (67 5463).


Setting up your own fundraising page

Your individual Kiss Goodbye to MS, Givealittle or Everyday Hero fundraising page allows you to personalise your sponsorship page with a title, a target, a message, photo and videos uploads or posting thank you messages for your supporters. By updating your fundraising blog your friends and family can follow your progress as you approach the big day.

You can also email to your friends, family and work colleagues with the link to your page to make donating to you nice and easy. Please email the MS Society to let us know about your event so that we can highlight it on our pages.


Taking part in an established event?

Around the country there are hundreds of events taking place each year. They are an opportunity to challenge yourself while raising important funds for the MS Society and awareness of the cause. To find out if there is an event page for your chosen event visit Everyday Hero’s Events Page.

Alternatively just set up your own page on Kiss Goodbye to MS, Givealittle or Everyday Hero and choose the MS Society of New Zealand as your charity of choice.


Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips to help your personal challenge go further.

The power of the internet is amazing. Now you can create your own personal fundraising web page, send your message worldwide, promote your cause, collect donations and thank contributors, all from the luxury of your own computer.

Set a goal – Set a personal target and aim high – you’re more likely to strive to achieve your goal if its slightly more than you think you can achieve.

Personalise your page – If you fundraising for your event on Fundraise Online make your page as compelling as possible by adding your own photograph and text. Make sure your page communicates the reason you have chosen to raise money, and why you believe your chosen charity deserves support. Be creative!

Promote your event – The easiest way to do this is to add a link to your fundraising page into your email signature line. You could also update people on your own and the MSNZ Facebook page.  Let us know what your doing and we’ll let everyone know what a great job you are doing.

Keep a blog – Family and friends will love to read about your journey and adventures. Try and keep them coming back to your site regularly to learn about what you are doing and to see your fundraising tally grow. If anything unusual or exciting or amazing happens in your journey to your event, then send out another email, inviting people back to your website.

Make it personal – Share your story or that of a person you are trying to help. Remember that your supporters are keen to help you and are more inclined to donate if they can relate to your cause. Post regular updates on the MS Facebook page

Follow up – Just before your big day send a last reminder to your supporters and don’t forget to keep fundraising after your event. Some 20 per cent of all donations come in after event completion. So don’t stop fundraising once you’ve cross the finish line. Update your page and email your supporters with news of your success. Remind those who haven’t yet donated to do so, and ask others to donate again in recognition of your achievement.

Start with a bang – Make sure the first person on your website gives you a large donation as this sets the level for everyone else.

Ask for help – Email your address book using the template email available online with your webpage. Ask your supporters to forward it on to others that they know also.

Stay positive – Keep a good attitude. Remember the reason. Fundraising comes with a lot of “No’s.” Forget those and keep going for the “Yes’s.” Plan for this so it doesn’t take you by surprise.

Get a manager – Raising money can be a breeze with the help of your family and friends. Ask a few people to help you brainstorm some ways they can help you fundraise. Form a “mini- committee”, and have FUN. Maybe ask a close friend to support you by driving your fundraising campaign for you.

Communicate the difference – Let your supporters know how their donations will help people with MS.

Reassure your Supporters – Be sure to tell them that your website is secure and that any donations they make will be transferred directly to the charity’s trust account.

For further tips please review our Fundraising Toolkit


Fundraising Ideas

There are many ways you can help fundraise for the MS Society. Here are some ideas to inspire you, but there are many other ways you could help so get creative, use your talents, your networks and your passion to help our cause.

Share your Talents – Offer your services to the public by sharing your skills with IT advice, Spanish lessons, design work or DIY in return for donations to the MS Society.

Open your own Gallery – Host a student gallery opening with a donation on the door. You could also turn the gallery opening into a silent auction fundraiser by auctioning off the art.

Arts & Crafts – is a wonderful website for selling crafts. You could have each of the members of your group produce a few items to be sold on and donate the proceeds to MSNZ.

Musical Friends – Set up a night at a club or bar playing music or DJing. Charge an entrance fee or ask for donations on the door.

Capturing Moments – If you are a budding photographer, know a photographer or can persuade some photography students to take part this is a great fundraiser. Take photos of school children during class and recess (with the school’s permission, of course). Later, display the photos either online or at a school event, so that parents can see the photos you’ve taken and can order professionally developed copies of the photos they like.

Aspiring Chefs – Create a dinner fundraiser. Instead of going out to an expensive restaurant with your friends host a dinner and donate the money to MSNZ instead.

If you are a talented chef able to conjure up exotic dishes why not sell cooking classes. You could offer the opportunity to learn how to cook Vietnamese or Malaysian or how to make the perfect soufflé.

Creative Flair – Set up a class selling art or photography lessons. If you and your group members cannot teach a drawing or painting class, try to convince the high school art teacher or a local artist to lead a class.

Adventure Lovers – Get sponsored for your madness by abseiling, skydiving or bungee jumping for money.

Charity Gamblers – Hold a 50-50 Raffle at work, in which half of the raffle money goes to the winner, while the other half is donated to the MS Society. Set up a poker night making half the money the prize and the other half a donation to the MS Society.

Horders & Collectors – Clear out the house by holding a garage sale or selling unwanted items on TradeMe.

Volunteers – Contact your local society and volunteer to take part in the street appeals and fundraising events.

Getting Physical – Take part in a sponsored event to raise money for the MS Society or create your own event

Hairy Supporters – Shave your head or wax your body for charity

Generous Supporters – Make an single donation or become a regular donor. Every donation moves us closer to a world free of MS.

Get your Company Involved – Your company could help us raise awareness by becoming an official sponsor of MSNZ and help us raise money. Or will they match any donations that you raise to DOUBLE your money!!

For further tips please review our KGTMS ideas



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