Dr Elza Cloete – Neonatologist

I was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago. I did not initially qualify for disease modifying treatment (DMT) as I was told that “You are too well”.

I subsequently had a relapse and a MRI showed disease progression, so 6 months later I was put on DMTs. Since being on treatment I have had a further three scans and am grateful to report that none of them have shown evidence of active disease.

The value of preventative medicine cannot be stressed enough. There is ample evidence to show us the DMTs are effectively slowing down disease progression. This can provide an opportunity for those of us living with MS to make a meaningful contribution in our communities for years to come.

The Health Sector will be able to apply a dollar value to the cost savings associated with preventing disease and disability, but to those affected by a debilitating disease like MS the value is immeasurable.

The ability to continue to work and remain active in the community are some of the cornerstones of living a positive life with MS. My hope is that people with MS will be supported to do exactly that.


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