Harriet – Fundraiser

“I do not suffer from MS, but my family has.

My Papa had multiple sclerosis and passed away when I was young.

It was my Granny who stood by him during the early stages of his diagnosis. He relapsed a lot. It was Granny who then wheeled him around once he could no longer walk, and who visited him every day once he had to live at the hospital.

It was my Dad and Uncle who had to step up and take on more responsibility than they had bargained for as young teenagers.

By the time I came along, Papa was almost permanently living at the hospital. I just caused havoc at the hospital during our weekly visits on a Saturday afternoon.

I’ve now turned my “running around the hospital” into running events. I am currently training for the Auckland full marathon this October. Fundraising for MS gives me motivation, knowing that I am running for those who may no longer be able to, and running for those who support them.

It is for the families of MS that I fundraise. We are all affected in some way or another when a loved one is diagnosed, and we all need help. The funds that I raise for MS can help those working to improve the lives of those diagnosed with MS.”

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