MS Awareness Week 2019

Awareness Week 15th – 21st September 2019

In this week, throughout New Zealand all of our societies will be collecting funds and raising awareness to advocate for those affected by MS.

Help us spread the word by using these tips below:

  • Share your story. By sharing your story you can help others understand and provide support to other MSers through shared experience. Sharing your experience with the wider community will make a lasting impression on how they view MS and helps raise support for our cause.
  • Hang an MS Awareness Week poster in your office or window. Or ask your local business (local supermarket, hairdressers, newsagents) to display a poster or leaflets during the week. Posters and leaflets can be requested by emailing us with your contact details.
  • Become a Facebook fan of MSNZ and update your Facebook status with an MS Awareness Week message.
  • Make MS Awareness Week your wallpaper on your computer screen, your signature on your emails or paste an animation into your blog or web page. Make sure that you add a hyper link to our website
  • Learn about MS at our website so you can educate others in your community
  • Get involved in the MS Awareness Week and support your local MS regional society by volunteering in their Street Appeal.
  • Set up an information stand at work, in your local library, your GP’s office or anywhere that you think might get people’s attention. Email us for brochures and posters.