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MSMilan 2023 Conference Review

November 14, 2023 | Education, Media, Research, Training, Treatments

In this report, Dr John Mottershead provides an overview of the recent MSMilan 2023 Conference he attended.

In this review:
–  NGDs which mimic MS
–  Junior resident accuracy in recognising MS
–  Alternative diagnoses in suspected MS
–  Tapering of oral prednisone after intravenous methylprednisolone: optic neuritis outcomes
–  Tolebrutinib in relapsing MS
–  Diroximel fumarate in relapsing-remitting MS & lymphopaenia
–  Cladribine tablets for ≥4 years in relapsing-remitting MS
–  Subcutaneous vs. IV administration of 6-weekly natalizumab
–  MS treatments in the elderly
–  Thalamic volume loss & new lesion formation with ublituximab
–  Physician visit rates prior to MS onset

Download PDF here.

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