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🚭 MSNZ Supports Open Letter to the Government on Smokefree Law

January 31, 2024 | Media

We are delighted to announce our firm endorsement of the visionary open letter addressed to the government, highlighting crucial recommendations for advancing the Smokefree law in Aotearoa. The detailed and strategic approach outlined in the letter, accessible here, aligns with MSNZ’s mission to champion the health and well-being of our community.

The open letter, featured in the New Zealand Herald, articulates the necessity for robust policies and initiatives to continue progress toward a smoke-free nation. MSNZ proudly stands behind these recommendations, urging the government to give serious consideration to their implementation.

Key Recommendations from the Open Letter:

  • Acceleration of Tobacco Taxation: We support the call for increased taxation on tobacco products, a proven method to reduce smoking rates.
  • Enhanced Support for Smoking Cessation Programs: MSNZ stands firmly behind the proposal to bolster existing smoking cessation programs, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness for all communities.
  • Stricter Regulations on Tobacco Advertising: We endorse the recommendation for more stringent regulations on tobacco advertising to curb the influence on potential smokers.

By supporting these recommendations, MSNZ looks forward to a healthier, smoke-free future. We invite our community to read the full open letter and join us in advocating for these transformative measures. Your continued support empowers us to make a meaningful impact on those affected by MS.

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