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Brain Health Seminar with Professor. Helmut Butzkueven – Book Your Tickets Now!

June 4, 2024 | Education, Event

Time Matters in Multiple Sclerosis: MS Brain Health Seminar

You may often hear the words – Brain Health – related to MS, but what does this mean and how can patients, clinicians and MS organisations be proactive in protecting and preserving Brain Health?

Multiple Sclerosis NZ, the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust and MS Auckland warmly welcome you to come listen to one of the world’s leading experts in MS Brain Health, Professor Helmut Butzkueven.

This seminar will cover:

  • Strategies to maximise lifelong brain health
  • International registry data
  • Tools for patients to monitor cognitive changes
  • New research and what’s ahead

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Professor Butzkueven currently heads up the Department of Neuroscience at Monash University in Melbourne, is Managing Director of MSBase Foundation, Director of Neurology at Alfred Health, a Steering Committee Member with MS Brain Health and a leading MS specialist Neurologist.

His last visit was in 2018, a pivotal moment in NZ’s MS history. His support was critical in MSNZs 8 years of advocacy calling on Pharmac to widen the DMT access criteria, achieving the criteria we see today.

In a public seminar, Professor Butzkueven will provide the latest information on:

MS Brain Health – MS Brain Health, an international initiative that emerged based on best practice evidence to recommend strategies to maximise lifelong brain health for people affected by MS. Learn more about what the critical components are to optimising long-term Brain Health and how patients can be active participants in navigating and advocating for their own health needs.

MS Base – MS Base is an international registry currently comprising of clinical data of over 108,000 people with MS from 43 countries. Data is critical to making informed decisions and choices. There is no consistent national method of data collection in NZ or national registry. The NZ MS Research Trust has been advocating for the availability of MSBase in clinical settings and to inform international research.

The use of technologies in patient self-monitoring – MS is a neurological condition, and as such, many people will experience cognitive changes over time. While the prognosis of cognitive changes are impossible to predict, there are tools that enable patients to monitor their own cognitive functioning, and inform management strategies.

On the horizon – The world of MS is constantly changing as new research tells us more about the causes, mechanisms, management strategies, treatments, and hopefully one day a cure. But what stands out in the world of MS research, treatments, technologies and patient outcomes as developments to follow?

Join us on Thursday 11th July at Novotel Ellerslie, Auckland. Doors will open at 6.30pm. Complimentary canapes will be available and a cash bar. The seminar will begin at 7pm and conclude at 8pm with opportunities for mix and mingling.

Tickets $10 + booking fee. Donations welcome and will support the cost of the event.

The seminar will be recorded and made available on MSNZs website at a later date for those unable to join on the night.

Follow this link to book your tickets.