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🎉 Winner of MS Superhero Colouring-in Competition 🎉🧡🦸

April 22, 2024 | Education, Life with MS

We are thrilled to announce that 11 year old Louisa is the winner of our MS Superhero Colouring-in competition!

Her creation really captured our hearts. Her mum, Kirsten said:

It was a lovely way to encourage learning about how to care for me without it being too serious or boring. It was fantastic to get a child’s view of MS and of me, her mum

In Louisa’s creation, below, she says her superhero is called Vitamin K and their super powers are being kind and brave. She loves her laugh, her smile and her lasagne! Vitamin K’s kryptonite is stress and getting too cold, and that when this happens she needs a quiet dark room with snuggles from the kids and dogs.

Ka pai, Louisa. You’ve grasped a really great understanding of what your superhero needs.

If you missed the competition, we would still love to see your creations, please continue to send them in to or send via direct messenger on Facebook and Instagram. You can download the activity books and colouring-in templates here: