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A new cane for every outfit!

November 9, 2021 | Aids, Life with MS, Mobility Aids, Uncategorised

Annie McManus is no shrinking violet. Her passion for funky clothes and vibrant personality just didn’t sit well with the traditional and somewhat boring and conventional mobility aids. So she set out to find something better.

“One of the hardest things for me to process was not only being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis but also needing to use a mobility aid. I never saw myself suddenly being diagnosed with MS let alone having to use a mobility aid, it was a lot to take in to say the least!”

After her first MS relapse the physiotherapist gave Annie her first walking stick to help with mobility, but feeling so self conscious using it and disliking how dull and clinical it looked, Annie felt it didn’t do any justice for her confidence. So she set out on to find a walking stick that suited her personality as well as aiding her mobility.

My MS doesn’t define who I am but it is a part of me and that was one of the hardest things for me to acknowledge. But I’m not going to feel ashamed over something that eases my pain and allows me the ability to walk better and helps with my balance. The feeling of how better my body feels whenever I’m using my mobility aid surpasses the opinions of what others may think!

One of Annie’s favorite walking sticks is her collapsible cane (from Aspire Canterbury) that has a beautiful floral design – as shown in the pictures below.

Annie states that it functions great, and she loves the fact it can fold up and pop it in her hand bag when she’s not using it. She also recently discovered a wonderful woman over in the UK (Neo Walking Sticks) who handmakes and sells the most beautiful mobility aids in an array of different colors and designs. Annie loves how you can choose different shaped handles as well as adding grips to help stabilize your grip on the handle.

I feel empowered in the fact that these mobility aids gives me a better quality of life while also making me feel stylish!