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Bangers to Bluff 21st March – 1st April 2023

February 27, 2023 | Event

MSNZ is delighted to have been chosen again as one of the two masthead charities for Bangers to Bluff 2023, a 12-day car rally, organised by the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay (Inc) in Auckland. This annual charity event supports not only MSNZ but also Hopeworks Foundation, (a charity assisting people and families coping with brain trauma injuries), regional MS Societies the rally meets en-route and other charities sanctioned by The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay. The 2023 event will be the eighth year the Rally has run, raising in excess of $250,000 for charity.

The Rally challenges participants to drive a ‘banger’ costing less than $2000 from Auckland to Bluff, traveling a prescribed route using roads less travelled via several iconic regions. The rally will consist of 15 cars plus support crews.

On 21st March, the rally will embark on this journey fully supported by MSNZ and various MS Regions that will be welcoming them to their communities to raise funds and increase awareness. The teams will also be tasked to compete for several trophies by having as much fun as possible through a mix of challenges and competitions along the route. The cars will be auctioned off in Invercargill at the end of the rally on 1st April with the proceeds being donated to charity.


Help an old banger raise $10,000 to improve the lives of those impacted by Multiple Sclerosis in New Zealand.

For the second time, we have our own team ‘Keep Smyelin’ and banger, a tidy 2002 silver VW Beetle taking part. We’ve fixed up our banger so it can make it all the way to Bluff, 2,300kms, without any flat tyres, broken fan belts or empty fuel tanks.

Why not join us on this exciting adventure by sponsoring our banger?


Exercise is Medicine

One of our team members, Graham Walker, was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS. In his early days of diagnosis, Graham had it impressed upon him the importance of exercise in being able to take control of his condition. “Use it or lose it” the Neurological Physiotherapists said. “So it really was a no-brainer, neurological condition and all, to pursue cycling as my exercise vehicle.”

Every morning Graham has committed to heading out the starting gates at the crack of dawn, ahead of the cars, to cycle as far as possible each day before getting caught.

Graham is aiming to ride at least 20kms each day, over the 12 days between Auckland and Bluff (weather and terrain permitting). Not bad for someone with Progressive MS!

“My reasons for attempting this are 3 fold; to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, to raise money for the combined Bangers to Bluff charities and, lastly, quite simply, because exercise is medicine”.



Caring for the carers: the impact of MS on families

During Bangers to Bluff 2023, MSNZ and our rally team will be highlighting the issues impacting family carers.

MS has a significant impact not only on the person diagnosed but also partners, parents, families, whānau, children and employers. Because of this, we are shining a light on the generous and selfless carers, that need support to safeguard their own physical and mental wellbeing when caring for their loved ones with MS.

40% of carers have their own health conditions and disabilities to navigate while supporting someone else

Their tremendous skills and deep empathy enable people with MS to live well, and as independent as possible. Without carers, people with MS could be very isolated and fully dependent on the health system, or suffer alone.



To support our fundraiser and for further information see our Bangers to Bluff website or follow the event via our Facebook event page.