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Disability Funded Carer Support

August 18, 2021 | Funding

The Ministry have announced two changes to Disability Funded Carer Support.

  1. From the 1st August 2021 the Carer Support Subsidy increases from $76 per day to $80 per day. This should have been automatically applied.
  2. Carers Support will move online from late 2021.

The Ministry are introducing a new online claims system that will make life easier and get your Carer Support funds to you faster. If you still want to claim Carer Support using paper then that is still possible.

You will be able to use your annual Carer Support as a budget and you can use this in whatever way works for your family (using the Purchasing Guidelines). You might like to use it all at once to take a carer with you on your family holiday or you might like to plan short breaks like a few hours to see a friend, more regularly. The budget is for you to use to get a break in the way that suits you and your family.

More details about the new online claiming system can be found on the Ministry’s website here: Carer Support online claiming system | Ministry of Health NZ.