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Lie down for life – Pharmac petition

April 21, 2021 | Advocacy, Funding, Uncategorised

On Wednesday 12th May at 12:30 pm representatives of Patient Voice Aotearoa will be presenting the ‘Sign for Life’ petition to Parliament.

This Petition is calling for a reform of Pharmac and doubling the budget Pharmac currently receives immediately, with a plan to triple the budget of Pharmac within two years. Currently, Pharmac’s budget for life saving and life improving medications is just over 5% of the Vote Health budget in comparison with the OECD average of 16%.

The petition will be presented one week before the budget (Thursday May 20th).  Currently, the petition sits at 99,616 signatures (94,339 online and 5277 in hard copy). If you haven’t signed there is still time.

In order to make the greatest impact, Patient Voice Aotearoa have also organised a nationwide action that enables people to participate at a regional level.  Thus, on the same date at the same time, at various locations throughout the country, people are being encouraged to congregate and to participate in a “Lie Down for Life”.  The details of those locations and further details can be found at:

United, we can make a difference. Join in a united effort to make change for the better.