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MS Energise

October 9, 2017 | Support, Uncategorised

Are you looking for additional support to help you manage your MS and fatigue? Why not try MS Energise, a new app that has been developed by researchers at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles to help users self-manage the fatigue they experience as a result of their condition.

‘Fatigue is the most disabling, invisible multiple sclerosis symptom which is experienced by majority of MS patients and it affects all spheres of their lives. MS Energise uses clinically proven approach to help MS patients to maximise their energy’. MS Energise

There are seven modules in the app divided into wide ranging areas all which impact on fatigue – Behaviour, Thoughts, Emotions, Body (physiological), World (environment) and Future. In each area you are learning, interacting and applying them to your day to day life. Working through it at a pace that suits you.

Field-testing has generated positive feedback, with participants noting there is nothing else like MS Energise on offer and one user commenting,

“Finally there’s something available that people with MS fatigue can have access to.”

For more detailed information visit our MS Energise page or visit . MS Energise is available through the iTunes App Store – click here to download.