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Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant Now Open

April 19, 2018 | Uncategorised

MSNZ is pleased to once again partner with the Mastering Mountains Trust to bring the new inaugural ‘Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant’.

MSNZ and Mastering Mountains have a common goal to encourage people to challenge and push the limits of what is perceived as possible with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Advancements in research have improved the understanding of MS, management tools in respects to the value of diet and lifestyle changes and effective treatment options. All of these are helping people with MS do more than what they dreamed possible and the Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant helps people go even further…overseas!

The Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant is an expression of three values, held firmly by the Trust and its Trustees.

  1. To give people with MS the tools and knowledge they need to be able to thrive despite having MS.
  2. Educate people with MS, their supporters and the general public, enabling them to become creative problem solvers and overcome any obstacles to getting outdoors.
  3. Promote the value of a dynamic community and bringing like-minded people together to enjoy the outdoors.

The Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant brings these three principles together.


How can the Expedition Grant be used in 2018?

The Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant aims to assist people who have been diagnosed as having MS to participate in an overseas outdoor expedition or adventure with World Expeditions. World Expeditions has over 40 years of experience in providing responsible and exciting adventures for a wide range of skills and abilities. Mastering Mountains and World Expeditions are working in partnership with them to make this an amazing and unique experience.


To apply for the Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant and to participate in one of World Expeditions incredible adventures, download application form.

Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant Application Form PDF

Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant Application Form Word Doc


Where to go?

You may already have an idea where you’ve always dreamed of going or if you are undecided check out all the adventures on offer here.


What will the successful recipient receive?

Successful recipients will be mentored by the Mastering Mountains Trust to become community leaders that share their knowledge, help others problem solve and create dynamic community. The Grant recipient will also undertake an extended outdoor adventure that will challenge notions of possibility with MS. Together, we will work to affect change in the MS community, helping others overcome their obstacles and get outdoors.


Why is this getting outdoors so important?

We have good reason to work with the Mastering Mountains Trust and promote outdoor activities and adventures for people with MS. In the November 2012 Journal of Nature Neuroscience, Dietz et. al[1]., discussed the impact of not spending time in the outdoors and the impact that social isolation has on people with MS. The report shows that social isolation and lack of outdoor activities are seen to exacerbate the destructive attack of MS on the body’s myelin nerve coatings.

This is why the Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant is so important. Recipients of the Mastering Mountains Grant have made amazing progress, overcoming obstacles despite having a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The new Expedition Grant will take this further.

To push your own boundaries and inspire others, click here to apply for the Mastering Mountains Expedition Grant. Click for here more information.


Article References:

[1] Dietz, K. et al., (2012) Impaired adult myelination in the prefrontal cortex of socially isolated mice. Journal of Nature Neuroscience, 15, pp. 1621-1623.

Article adapted from its original feature on Mastering Mountains