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Need a helping hand up the employment ladder?

April 18, 2018 | Uncategorised

In the past many people were often told that they would need to stop working as their MS would progress to the point that it would be unmanageable. However advancements in the understanding of MS, effective treatments and developments in symptom management techniques through diet and lifestyle, have changed this perception and now people with MS are encouraged to remain in employment for their improved quality of life and well being.

MSNZ is proud to provide financial assistance to helping people with MS improve their employment prospects through the Dorothy L Newman Scholarship. Due to the demand, and the positive benefits we are seeing from this scholarship, MSNZ is now opening for a second round of applications.

The Dorothy L Newman Scholarship applications are currently open and can help financially support people with MS to undergo a course of retraining when MS has impacted to the point that a change of career must take place to help people stay in paid employment. Applications for this funding round are open until 3oth June 2018. The next round will open in September and close 31st October. Guidelines and application forms can be found on our Scholarships, Grants and Awards page.

Past participant Genevive shares her story about what led her to apply for the Dorothy L Newman Scholarship and how it opened up her employment opportunities and led to a new career path for the future.

“I applied for a Scholarship because my job as a nurse was becoming increasingly physically demanding and stressful. My passion for elder care was not diminished so I sought another area of healthcare that would still allow me to work in the industry I am passionate about.

Healthcare auditing was something that had always interested me so I began to research the possibility of retraining as an auditor. That same day I received an MS magazine in the mail that featured an article about the Dorothy L Newman Scholarship. I filled in the application with increasing excitement and was thrilled to be accepted for both the course and Scholarship.

In February I underwent an intense week of training in Healthcare Auditing, with homework every night and a presentation to give to the group. On the last day we sat an exam requiring 100% to pass. Fortunately we were allowed to repeat any questions we missed the first time.

Finally I had my certificate of achievement and began applying for jobs with auditing agencies. I was accepted by an agency, have completed my observation audits, and am waiting to complete two training audits where I will be given increasing responsibilities. Then I will undergo an appraisal to ensure I am competent before signing a contract with the agency and being nominated for registration with the Ministry of Health.

I am so grateful to have been a recipient of the Dorothy Newman Scholarship and to have had this opportunity to retrain into a job that is more manageable and allows me to continue to fulfil my passion.”

If you want to be a success story like Genevive and need a little bit of help making a positive difference in your life, apply for a Dorothy L Newman Scholarship today. Guidelines and application forms can be found on our Scholarships, Grants and Awards page.